The New Classic!

Designed by David Whitcher

Cannon is the new Blue Panther game by David Whitcher.  Available now online and in stores in November 2008.  Originally published by Pyromyth Games, Blue Panther is pleased to bring you this new all-wood version of the strategy classic.

Using your soldiers or your cannons, capture the enemy's town.  Simple rules.  Deep options.  A new classic that will e studied for years.

To learn: 10 minutes

To play: 20-45 minutes


Wooden playing board

30 Soldiers (wood disks)

2 Towns (wood squares)


All in a nifty laser engraved wooden box.

Price: $25.00 US

Price: $30.00 Intl










Pieces move on the intesections in Cannon!


All that strategy in one little nifty wooden box!