Build the Transcontinental Railroad!


Central Pacific


Can you build the first transcontinental railroad across the United States?   Central Pacific is a 2-4 player, wide open game of building railroads.   Build over and tunnel under mountains, through forests.  Forge rail links between cities and steal a few of your opponents'.

A great introduction to railroad gaming, and a quick fix for those already addicted to the genre.  Can be played out-of-pocket on any surface.  It's the perfect answer to the question "What should we play while we wait for Pete to show up?"


80 hardwood rail tiles.

1 "Golden Spike"

28 train (player) tokens

8 Stock Market / Land Grant tokens

Wooden playing board (pictured)

Central Pacific Rules 2nd Edition

For 2-4 Players

To Learn: 10-15 minutes

To Play: 30-60 minutes

Price: $30.00 US


Price: $35.00 Intl






Central Pacific Board




A 3 Player Game In Progress

w/Cool Pieces