A Mancala Game with an Insect Theme!

The Colony



The Colony is a mancala-like game for two players with a “six-legged” theme.  Players take the role of rival ant colonies (black and red) that discover a recently cut wood pile.  Live eggs still linger in the cut logs.  To restore and control The Colony, players both collect and protect eggs. Collected eggs are moved to a safe location in front of the player.  Players can place ants on the board which will protect eggs on the wood pile.  The colony that collects the most eggs at the end of the game is the winner.



19 Laser cut 2.5" diameter log stumps

12 Laser cut ant pawns

1 Reference Chart

57 Black Jewel Eggs

The Colony Rules

For: 2 players

To learn: 10 minutes

To play: 30-45 minutes

Price: $25.00 US



Price: $30.00 Intl







The Colony Features 19 Laser Cut "Log Stumps"




Includes 12 laser cut ant pawns and 57 jewel eggs