BP3_Dungeon Terrain  

Upgrade your game!


Dungeon Terrain



A potential dungeon layout.



Another sample layout.




Your roleplaying / miniatures need an upgrade!

Done in 1" scale, each BP Dungeon Terrain Set includes 242 square inches of gaming goodness, specifically...

x 1x1 inch squares

x 1x2 inch halls

x 1x3 inch halls

x 1x4 inch halls

x 1x5 inch halls

x 2x2 inch rooms

x 3x3 inch rooms

x 4x4 inch rooms

x 5x5 inch rooms

Each tile consists of two 11x11 inch squares of 3 mm thick birch plywood with a grey basecoat and stone texture applied as a topcoat to simulate your favorite dungeon, cavern, castle or city.


Each tile is precision laser cut, with clear 1 inch square markings that won't fade because they're engraved!

Also available by special order - Desert (Orange) Tiles, Aerie (White) Tiles.   Other colors are available.  Drop us a note if you'd like a custom color (at no extra charge)