Trade & Intrigue in Shogun Japan!



The Shogun has offered your family the isle of Hokkaido for years of faithful service.  But your patriarch is in failing health,  and his sons must prove who is the most worthy of Hokkaido!

Hokkaido is the second game in Blue Panther's "Trailblazer Series", following Nepal.  Featuring quick gameplay, key decisions every turn, and just a little bit of conflict.

Hokkaido is a strategy game with a Euro feel for 2-4 players that plays in an hour or less.  Players take the role of a clan leader in feudal  Japan, trailblazing trade routes and holding on to them in an effort to convince the Shogun that they are worthy to rule the isle of Hokkaido.   Three actions per turn, seven actions to choose from including move, grow, sea move, claim public trade route, draw a card, discard,  reveal private trade route.  An important decision or two every turn, and never enough actions to get it all done.  Conflict can be used, but sparingly, when a province is overpopulated.  A simple and robust combat mechanic rewards players who plan ahead.    Victory is won through control of key trade routes and area control.  Population limits scale with the number of players to ensure a tight board for any number of players. 



Full color map 12x16 of Hokkaido

32 Destination Cards

128 Jewels in 4 colors

4 Pllayer disks

Hokkaido Rules

For: 2-4 players

To learn: 10 minutes

To play:45-60 minutes

Price: $30.00 US


Price: $35.00 Intl






Hokkaido Board




Hokkaido Destination Card