The Ultimate Portable Dice Tower!

Assemble & Disassemble in seconds!


Knockdown Dice Tower



Only 8 pieces, assembles and

knocks down in seconds!


Simple assembly - wood "fingers" assemble and lock through mating holes to make a light, strong assembly that will stand up to plenty of dice!





All Knockdown Dice Towers share the same design.

The tower stands 3x3x6 inches (approx 8x8x15cm) and has a "boot" extension of  2 inches (approx 5 cm) where the dice are corraled by an external baffle.

All knockdown dice towers are sold as kits - including all components and assembly and disassembly instructions.   No glue required - sets up and knocks down in seconds!

MiniDiceTowerAssembly Instructions

All dice towers are made of quality 3mm birch plywood and then precision laser-cut to ensure a precise, tight fit, of all components.  Wood fingers go through slots in the front and rear to make a tight fit.

Birch dice towers are uncoated, allowing you to paint, decorate, or apply a label of your own design, or you could download one of your free dicetower skins.

Knockdown Dice Tower includes three internal baffles to ensure that your die rolls are truly random.   Portable, quick, sturdy, cheap, customizable - the perfect dice tower for all gamers.


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