Trade & Intrigue At The Top Of The World1



Nepal is the first of Blue Panther's "Destination" series.    A little bit Euro in style, but it also allows for a bit of conflict - especially when those high powered trade routes are at stake.

Game mechanics are simple.  Game strategy is where the challenge lies.  Each turn you will take up to three actions (move or grow) as you attempt to be the first player to trailblaze a new trade route.  Points are scored for building new routes, maintaining them at the end of the game, and for zone control at the end of the game. 

This new edition features upgraded components (graphics, wooden cubes, puzzle cut board) rules clarifications and some optional rules that enhance gameplay.


200 wooden cubes


Set of 30 Destination Cards

Puzzle-cut mounted map.



For: 3-5 players  

To learn: 10-15 minutes   

To play: 45-60 minutes


Available at your Friendly Local Game store and Online in November 2009 

BPN8002 MSRP $40

Pre-order in October 2009


Price: $40.00 US


Price: $45.00 Intl




Nepal Playing Card



Nepal Playing Card w/Alternate Background



Nepal Box Cover Art