Fun to Play & Learn

Pulling Strings  
Designed by Clark Rodeffer

Pull the strings by choosing a letter or symbol.  Each pull moves the disks one space in that direction along the grid..  The first player to get five disks on their "home spaces" (square or circle) is the winner.     Be careful, the other player is pulling strings simultaneously with you - sometimes a string can break!

Pulling Strings melds high-quality wooden components, easy rules and a fast moving, fun game.  You can also use it to learn something new.  The starter set includes double sided English alphabet and ASL (American Sign Language) alphabet. 

Starter Set Contains...

1 Playing Board

26 Double-sided tiles (English alphabet on one side, American Sign Language alphabet on the reverse)

20 Scoring Disks


For: 2 players

To learn: 5 minutes

To play: 15-30 minutes

Price: $23.00 US


Price: $28.00 Intl



Set 1 Roman Numerals Includes 1" square tiles for 1 thru 20, 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000 on one side, standard numbers on reverse.

Set 2 Greek Letters includes 1" square tiles for the entire alphabet - capital letters on one side, small letters on the reverse.  

These tiles are the same size, shape and color as the original Pulling Strings set.  Order both sets for just $15.

Price: $15.00 US

Price: $20.00 US








English Letters on one side!



ASL (American Sign Language) on the other!



Expansion Set 1 - Roman Numerals  


Expansion Set 2 - Greek Letters