Asteroid Mining in the Lawless Future

Rocks For Sale  
Designed by David Whitcher

Originally published by Pyromyth Games as a print-n-play game, Blue Panther is pleased to bring you this new all-wood full color version.

Welcome to the highly competitive industry of asteroid mining.  Just rope'em and tow'em.  Precious metals like gold, silver and uranium go for a premium on Earth and you could become rich!  But first, you have to pay off your ship.   Watch out for skullduggery and keep an eye on your scanners.

To learn: 10-20 minutes

To play: 30-60 minutes

For 2-6 players


Full color playing board

Full color Player aid sheet

40 Mineral Cards

20 Asteroid Cards

24 Crystal markers

6 Slightly Used Mining Ships


Price: $30.00 US

Price: $35.00 Intl











Your high-end custom asteroid haulin' ship!


The game board is laminated to a matboard backing for a great playing surface.  All that strategy & fun in one little wooden box!