A New Twist On Your Favorite Math Puzzle!


Sudoku Tactics


Sudoku Tactics unleashes a whole new dimension to your Sudoku experience.  Randomly draw 1-5 tiles then place them on the board following the rules of Sudoku.  If you can complete the placement of all the same number tiles, or if you can force your players into a "Sudoku Jam", you score!   All the tiles with that number are cleared off the board and the challenge begins anew.

Can also be used to help you solve your favorite Sudoku puzzles.  

Sudoku Tactics is a great looking, fast playing, "gateway" game that non-gamers can pick up easily and enjoy immediately.



81 Hardwood Tiles (9 sets numbered 1 thru 9).

Scoring Chart

10 Scoring Markers

Wooden playing board

Sudoku Tactics Rules

For 2-5 Players

To Learn: 5-10 minutes

To Play: 30-60 minutes

Price: $30.00 US


Price: $35.00 Intl







Sudoku Tactics - Image from rules - a "Sudoku Jam" is close on the "1"s!




Sudoku Tactics - like all Blue Panther Games, comes in a nifty wooden box