The Ancient Sport of Cephalopod Wrestling!

Tako Judo  
Designed by Kevin Lanzing

In days of old, cephalopods (octopi) would venture forth and compete in friendly wrestling matches.  Two, sometimes even four would engage in a three dimensional exhibition of cephalopod cunning, each attempting to pin the other into immobility.  This game is a lot like that, minus the smell.

Heads and tentacles move to and fro, blocking, entangling, overreaching, in an effort to pin the other octopus.  All pieces move like a queen in chess.  Be careful not to get boxed into a corner, or to lose sight of your tentacles, for surely you will be pinned.  A game with simple rules, quick gameplay and pleasantly surprising depth of strategy.

For 2,3 or 4 players

To Learn: 10 minutes

To Play:  15-30 min for 2 players, 30-45 for 3-4 players


4 Wooden Octopi (1 Head and 8 Tentacles Each)

1 Wooden Playing Board

1 Set of Rules

1 Laser Engraved Wooden Box


Price: $30.00 US


Price: $35.00 Intl









Red and green and purple tentacles - Oh my!

Tako Judo - like all Blue Panther Games,

comes in a nifty wooden box



Tako Judo - board set for a 2 player game.