2 or 3 Players with an Egyptian Theme!




Since ancient times along the Nile, the Eye, Scarab and Snake vie for positional advantage.   Yet, they are not completely in control of their movements.  Through clever maneuvering of your own tokens and those of your opponents, be the first to reach your home base in the sands of Egypt.  But beware, sandstorms can literally change your world.

Each player has 8 tokens and one home base.   Players roll 4 tokens and move 4 tokens, including their own and those of their opponents in order to get their tokens home first.  But even the best laid plans can be upended  when a player rolls a “sandstorm”. 

This is an abstract game of simple rules and greater depth than one might expect at first glance.   Elements of many classic designs are echoed here, the result is a fresh synthesis of luck, maneuver and skill.  It’s one of the very few abstract games that works equally well with two or three players.

Custom wooden components produce a unique game board and experience that is a step above the average.



24 Laser Engraved Tokens

3 Piece Triangular Board

Home Base Indicator

Triarchy Rules


For: 2-3 players

To learn: 5 minutes

To play:30-45 minutes

Price: $25.00 US



Price: $30.00 Intl







Triarchy Board & Setup