As Fast as a Stream, As Deep as the Sea"

Designed by Brendan Herlihy

Collect from the Sphere.  

Rain to the Stream.  

Stream to the Sea.

YangTzee is the absorbing game of tile matching that's as swift as a stream and as deep as the sea..  Each tile has two symbols and one blossom.  Match symbols, but score blossoms.  Be careful, bamboo can block your best move.  .  Simple rules, top-notch wooden components, surprising depth of play.


45 Wooden Tiles

1 Scoring Track

4 Scoring Markers


For: 2 or 4 players

To learn: 5-10 minutes

To play: 30-45 minutes


Price: $30.00 US


Price: $35.00 Intl










Featuring attractive laser-engraved graphics.



Comes in the nifty, trademark

Blue Panther wooden box!.