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  Dice Tower "Skin" Contest


Blue Panther makes three different dice tower styles that you can paint, sticker or otherwise decorate to your liking.  The Birch Mini Dice Tower (BPN8015) and the Birch Dice Tower (BPN7010) are available now from Blue Panther and will be at your favorite FLGS or online retailer in August.  The Knockdown (assemble, disassemble with no glue or rubber bands)  BPN9003 will be out in September.

We want YOU to help us make your best dice tower skin designs available to all our customers.  And we're giving away our Dice Towers to prove it.

It works like this...

1) Download one or all of the dice tower PDFs, that contain all the details you need to know about the layout of our dice towers.  

Birch Mini Dice Towers

Knockdown Dice Tower

Orignal Full Size Birch Dice Tower                 

2) Using the downloaded templates, make your own design in your favorite software, export it as a PDF, and then email it to DT@bluepantherllc.com

3) If we use your dice tower skin design, we'll send you any of our dice towers - your choice - FREE.

It's that simple.   Really.   Well, almost...

Here's the small print...

1) Your work must be original and you must be the copyright owner.

2) By sending your design to Blue Panther you assign all copyrights to the images created to Blue Panther and agree to allow Blue Panther to publish it as a free download on our site or to include it in any future product offering. (e.g. a set of printed labels to accompany the physical product). 

3) All entries become the property of Blue Panther, and will not be returned.  Unused entries will be deleted from our server and not used in any of our future products.

4) At least five winners will be chosen from among the entries for each of the three dice tower types,

5) This offer is valid in the USA and any country where not prohibited by law.

6) This offer is valid from July 16, 2009 to August 25th, 2009 - midnight Eastern Central Time.

7) Blue Panther reserves the right to reject any entry for any reason deemed to be in bad taste or offensive.

8) All entries must be submitted in PDF format, maintaining the same size dimensions as those shown in the dice tower downloads. 

9) You may enter as often as you wish, but will only receive one (1) free dice tower of your choice regardless of how many of your entries we decide to make available as free downloads.

10) Prize value - Knockdown Dice Tower $15 USD,  Mini Birch Dice Tower $15 USD, Original Birch Dice Tower $18 USD.


      Birch Dice Tower                          Mini Dice Tower                                Knockdown Tower




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You can use your PayPal account OR a credit card.

See our Shipping Policy for shipping and tax info.