A Dexterity Game with a Fantasy Theme

Knights of Crylail



A dark wizard has summoned three mighty Drak-Borgs, equipped them with stones of power and sent them to their death in the Void.   When each Drak-Borg meets this fiery doom, the wizard and his legions increase in power.  The hope of the Free Lands of Crylail depends on the brave knights and their fellow fighters sent to slay the Drak Borgs in the Lanten fields at the edge of the world.

Knights of Crylail is a dexterity game for 2 or 4 players. Simple rules that will have you playing in minutes on any flat surface.  Surprising options and depth of strategy.  Plays anywhere - you set the victory conditions.



Cool tin storage box.

15 1.5" Wood Disks (12 Knights in two colors, 3 Drak Boarg)

4 Wood Play Area Markers

Knights of Crylail Rules

For: 2 or 4 players

To learn: 5 minutes

To play: 15-60 minutes

Price: $25.00 US



Price: $30.00 Intl









Knights of Crylail Pieces



A Knight of Crylail