Duck Duck Boom!

Life is short. Games are cool.

Some ducks get goosed.

Some ducks just go.

Our ducks go BOOM!

You know you want it...

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Duck Duck Boom!  2nd Edition now including more colorful Boom!

The only thing more irresistible than the title is the addictive gameplay.  Watch out for Sooperduck!   Using a new lamination method, we can now offer full color on wooden-backed cards!

Duck Duck Boom! is a fun game that offers a few twists.   Choose your target and take aim!  Add a little "helper" to improve your aim.  But beware, your opponents also add "helpers" that can help or hinder your efforts, and every once in a while, one of the ducks shoot back!

A great family game that also teaches basic addition and subtraction.


30 ducks, 25 "Helper" tiles, 5 tiles of Boom!

2 Custom Dice


For: 2-5 players

To learn: 5-10 minutes

To play: 20-30 minutes

US Orders:  $30 USD + Shipping


International Orders: $33 USD + Shipping



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